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Portfolio Management Services

You know not to put all your eggs in one basket—why would you invest in just one place? That’s why we help our clients grow their wealth with a multi-manager and multi-fund approach. This helps you ride the waves of uncertain markets and to put the best experts in each area of wealth management in your corner. Explore our portfolio management process below.

The Portfolio Management Process

What can you expect when you invest with Windsor Wealth Management? You can expect personalized attention from financial advisors and planners at the top of their game. You can expect a team who is dedicated to helping you reach your dreams. For more detail, read through our general process. Keep in mind, every client we work with is unique. We will find the path that works for you.

Phase 1—Policy Review and Counsel >

  • Working with you to create an investment statement that discusses your goals.
  • Discussing how much you want to invest and how much you are willing to risk.
  • Creating guidelines for moving money from investment to investment in an effort to take advantage of market changes.
  • Bringing your account managers together to create a clear game plan so you know what you should expect from us.

Phase 2—Investment Management >

  • Creating a strategy with multiple funds and multiple managers in an effort to reduce your risk and increase your gains.
  • Performing detailed market analysis to understand your best investment opportunities.
  • Practicing due diligence to stay on the cutting-edge of market changes.
  • Monitoring portfolios to find new opportunities and risks.

Phase 3—Monitoring and Reporting >

  • Taking a look back at your goals, we will set benchmarks so we know when you have hit your milestones.
  • Constantly monitoring your investments’ performance.
  • Producing quarterly performance and risk analysis reports that make sense to you.
  • Customizing reports so you get the information you need.

Phase 4—Rebalancing >

  • Adjusting your portfolio with the goal of maximizing your success.
  • Making sure your goals are still achievable given your investment rate and allocations.
  • For more information about our hands-on portfolio management approach, contact us.