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Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

At Windsor Wealth Management, we take the complex world of financial services and boil it down to a simple principle: we understand your needs and find the best way to meet them. Some firms will try to take a one-size-fits-all approach, but that will not help you reach your goals.

Personalized attention is not the only unique thing about our financial planning services. While each of our financial planners act as a generalist, helping you with every aspect of your financial life, each of them also has extensive experience in one or more specialty areas. It is like going to a family doctor who is also a cardiologist—broad knowledge with deep experience.

Windsor Wealth Management serves all of your financial needs in one place so you are not scrambling to understand how your investments work together. Learn more about the services we offer:

Retirement Planning >

  • Spend your golden years in comfort and security. We help you determine when you want to retire, what financial assets you’ll need to reach that goal and create a customized plan to help you achieve financial independence on your timetable.

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer >

  • Keep more of what you worked so hard to earn in your family. We help you create plans to reduce your estate taxes, potentially eliminating them. We also make plans to care for your family and maintain their lifestyle after you’re gone, and coordinate all titling and paperwork to make the estate process as easy and painless as possible. We also work with private foundations, family foundations and defective grantor trusts.

Asset Protection >

  • A single lawsuit or legal claims can bring all your hard work crashing down—unless you protect yourself. Keep in mind, asset protection planning is not based on hiding assets or defrauding creditors. Asset protection can offer confidentiality, but truly great plans do not rely on secrecy and obey all state and federal laws. We achieve this through family limited partnerships, corporate general partner, off-shore trusts and dynasty trusts, among other legal options for securing your wealth.

Investment Management >

  • Grow your wealth and secure your financial future with smart investments. We help you balance risk and reward to manage your current and future cash flow. To read more about our investment management services, click here.

Tax Planning Services >

  • Federal, state and local taxes can take a hefty bite out of your earnings. We work with you to reduce your tax burden to the lowest possible legal levels. This can include reviewing your cash flow, living expenses, personal expenses, and personal debt structure to meet the current tax environment as well as evaluating financial decisions with tax planning implications.

Insurance Planning >

  • Insurance is peace of mind for you and your family. It can secure your retirement or ensure a bright future for your family. We work with you to get the most out of your insurance benefits and make sure it is arranged to limit your costs and your tax liability.

Business Succession >

  • Whether you own a family-run business and want to secure the next generation of management or need to create a more creative plan to pass your business on, we can help you create a plan that meets your business goals and makes the process smooth and easy. We can also help you better understand how business succession affects your estate and business taxes.

Custodial and Trust Services >

  • Windsor Wealth Management is a shareholder and member of National Advisors Trust Company (NATCO), one of the largest independent trust companies in the nation. We work with NATCO, Fidelity and Schwab to secure trust funds and custodial arrangements for our clients.