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A non-profit organization asks Windsor:
What is the most our portfolio can generate to further expand our mission?

Non-profits often need both financial planning as well as education to understand the importance of diversification in their investment portfolio. This non-profit board is up against an extremely competitive private fundraising environment. The availability of government funding sources was limited and unreliable. The board is committed to their mission but need to generate as much as possible from their endowed and operating assets. They need a trusted advisor and a partner to help them plan a long-term investment strategy.

Windsor’s Action Plan

Windsor Wealth Management’s team would meet with the board Treasurer and the Investment Committee to review the potential returns and risk of their current investments. They would review current environmental, social and governance practices and create a long-term plan consistent with the values of the organization while implementing investment decisions to provide working capital for ongoing community programs. Periodic personal presentations to the board and ongoing electronic communication would keep the board informed. Windsor would also guide the development of an investment policy statement to incorporate best practices that increase flexibility of the organization.

Client Outcomes

This non-profit client would have confidence in the funding of their mission in good and bad times. By looking at the long-term, the board can make informed decisions regarding developing new programs that advance their mission.

Dream boldly. Plan wisely.