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A retirement plan sponsor asks Windsor:
How do I find an investment advisor that provides fiduciary level guidance and a high level of education for our employees?

This CFO came to Windsor after becoming frustrated with the large company provider of her company’s retirement plan. Their current advisory spent little time communicating with employees and there was no transparency regarding plan cost. As the retirement plan sponsor, she needed an accessible, local advisor without any conflicts of interest. Her ideal retirement plan provider would not only choose the best investments for the plan but also provide a high level of educational and financial guidance to her employees.

Windsor’s Action Plan

Windsor would start with helping the CFO fully understand the structure and costs of the current plan, Windsor would recommend moving the plan under its advisory in partnership with an independent third-party administrator. Windsor would assure her that its advisors would be there to assist and educate the employees as the plan transitioned. This would include an initial group level meeting along with dedicated in-office times for one-on-one consultations. Additionally, Windsor would answer participant phone calls regarding questions in between designated meeting times, freeing up the CFO’s time to focus on her primary duties.

Client Outcomes

Employee participation in the plan would grow, and the CFO would receive a great amount of positive feedback about Windsor’s leadership. She would be confident that Windsor provides a superior plan experience for her employees.

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