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A career driven couple asks Windsor:
Can you help us figure out more than just our financial picture?

Two young professionals with small children need more than financial advice. Like other millennials on fast tracks in their careers, they lead busy lives with needs and concerns unique to their generation. They want help with planning for future educational needs, mortgage advice, graduate school loans, investment planning, plus life insurance and estate planning.

Windsor’s Action Plan

Windsor would meet with this couple several times to get a clear understanding of their current financial picture, their lifestyle and their dreams for the future. Windsor Wealth Management’s team would then help this motivated couple to prioritize their goals for the short and long term. They would formulate a financial plan based on a calculation of their current and potential earning power with an eye for financial flexibility and potential changes in careers. The detailed plan would expand their retirement savings and map out a long-term plan for their children’s college education. Life insurance needs would also be assessed, and a connection would be made to a trusted attorney to craft their will and estate documents.

Finally, Windsor would aggregate all financial accounts into one electronic based platform, making it a simple process to view their personal balance sheet from one easy access point. Windsor would continue to meet with the couple quarterly to keep current with changes as they develop.

Client Outcomes

With Windsor’s insight and analysis, this couple would be able to prioritize goals and concentrate on building their careers and raising a family. They could enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are making the most of their working years in every aspect of their lives.

Dream boldly. Plan wisely.