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A retiring company founder asks Windsor:
What’s the best way to pass my fortune down to future generations?

A large commercial builder with offices in several cities is selling the company he started 51 years ago. He’s worked long and hard to accumulate his wealth, and he wants to create and maintain a lasting financial legacy for his three daughters who have established lives of their own. He is also concerned about benefiting future generations and avoiding complications within the family.

Windsor’s Action Plan

After getting to know our client and understanding what is important to him, Windsor Wealth Management's team would create a trust structure that aligns with his overall philosophy. Windsor looked for ways to utilize his assets by analyzing the tax implications and governance while identifying potential challenges. We would examine the timing of distributions and accessibility to additional funds and execute those plans with the consistency and flexibility the family needs. And we would coordinate family discussions about the family's wealth to improve communication, reduce family conflict and guide the next generation towards a successful path.

Client Outcomes

Windsor would be able to ensure a lasting legacy for this affluent businessman. He could take great comfort in knowing that he is passing wealth and his work ethic onto future generations, while ensuring that his heirs have financial stability and a foundation for success.

Dream boldly. Plan wisely.