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A recent widow asks Windsor:
How am I going to make so many important decisions on my own?

Life’s milestones can be a challenge, and death in particular can leave people scared and confused. After the loss of her husband of 43 years, this woman realizes she is in unfamiliar territory regarding her finances. She needs someone she can trust to manage her money.

Windsor’s Action Plan

Windsor would work with her to help make key decisions during this emotional time. After learning what is important to her, Windsor would develop an investment strategy that will allow her to live life the way she wants, without ever being a burden to her children. Windsor Wealth Management's team would also create a financial plan with a spending level her portfolio can sustain. Her team would also help her plan for long term health care needs.

Client Outcomes

Our client would have the peace of mind that comes with having a partner, an advisor and a friend. She would be confident that Windsor is not taking too much risk for her comfort level and is guided by a plan that is suited just for her. She would no longer be confused by charts and graphs that aren’t explained to her. She would know that Windsor speaks her language and would feel secure asking questions from anyone on her team. With help from family and friends, our client would be moving forward, knowing her retirement is secure.

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