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A prominent physician asks Windsor:
How do I find time to plan for the retirement I want when my practice is so busy?

Everyone looks at retirement differently. It’s a particularly personal choice that reflects your wishes and dreams. In this instance the doctor is at the peak of his career with little time to ponder his future. He needs an advisor and a partner to help him plan.

Windsor’s Action Plan

Windsor Wealth Management's team would take the time to define this specialty doctor’s desires before embarking on a financial plan. With a current high taxable income, he wants to plan to maintain his current lifestyle throughout his retirement. Windsor would realign his savings and investment strategies to maximize the opportunities for tax deferred investments. His team would advise on outside investment activities and outside business interests. Along with reviewing his practice’s retirement plan investments, we would also manage the overall costs of the plan.

Client Outcomes

By helping him put his financial pieces together, the doctor could see the whole picture. Our client’s net worth would continue to grow. With a sound investment strategy in place, he would be confident of his financial future and can devote his time to his patients.

Dream boldly. Plan wisely.