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A Fortune 500 top executive asks Windsor:
How can I manage my financial affairs now that I’m transferring across the country?

Like many successful businessmen, this CEO has a high income and a high net worth but no investment strategy. He has various fringe benefits the he does not fully understand including stock options, stock grants, restricted stock and deferred compensation. He does not have any estate planning documents or an understanding about estate taxes. He has focused his attention on his very successful career but has neglected his personal financial life.

Windsor’s Action Plan

First Windsor helped our client define, quantify and prioritize his goals. Windsor Wealth Management’s team created an all-inclusive financial plan that coordinated his investment accounts and fringe benefit program. His plan included education funding and retirement planning utilizing strategies that will maximize income tax benefits to help him achieve his goals. Windsor helped him establish a target spending amount for his new home and developed a game plan for interim financing. Windsor worked with an estate planning attorney in his new state of residence to develop legal documents that addressed his estate distribution objectives along with avoiding or minimizing estate taxes.

Client Outcomes

His financial life completely restructured, the CEO could leave for his new position with confidence in his new partner and advisor to review and manage his affairs while he focuses on his new responsibilities.

Dream boldly. Plan wisely.